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The Global Exhibitor Podcast

Apr 9, 2022

This is Part 2 of an interview with Lee Ali of Expo Stars Interactive, based in Manchester, England. Host Jeff Hannah asks Lee about the Five E’s of Engagement, booth staffing recommendations, and getting the right people in the right places in an exhibit.  

Lee and Jeff discuss various outlooks regarding the attendee experience model in the post-COVID world. How have expectations of engagements and interactions changed during the past couple of years? What problems are we seeing now? And how are expectations continuing to change? It is more important than ever to staff your booth in the right way in order to achieve more successful outcomes.

A key insight that Lee has is that booth staffers tend to do too much talking and not enough listening as they are working an exhibit. Additionally, Lee makes some somewhat controversial statements about whether or not exhibiting is a marketing activity or a sales activity. Jeff asks Lee about how to find the right mix between sales, marketing, product or technical specialists, and senior executives.

Lee Ali is an international speaker, entrepreneur, business coach, mentor, sales strategist and a qualified iMA practitioner. He is widely regarded as the go-to source for attendee engagement and lead generation at global tradeshow exhibitions, conferences and live marketing events.

Lee's passion from very early on in his business career has been understanding what makes people buy and how to truly connect with them so that they are deeply engaged with what you do.

As well as contributing his valuable insights to industry press and media, Lee has been invited to speak at various conferences across the world on audience engagement including; UFI Asia Pacific Conference in Malaysia, Middle East Event Show in Dubai, Sales and Marketing Expo in LA, The Business Show in London, Expo Expo! in Las Vegas, EXHIBITORLIVE in Las Vegas, Event Tech Live in London and more. Lee also hosts the "In Conversation with Expo Stars" podcast interviewing experts from the tradeshow industry.

Lee founded Expo Stars Interactive, an award winning exhibition engagement company, to support exhibitors worldwide to engage more attendees to their booth, convert them into qualified sales leads, raise their brand awareness, and deliver measurable results.

Since 2007, the Expo Stars team have been supporting exhibitors at all the major global exhibitions including Arab Health, Mobile World Congress, CES, GITEX, BAUMA, HPE Discover, Cisco Live, Black Hat, Microsoft Convergence, Conn Expo and many more.

Lee is also passionate about health and well-being. He is a qualified Reiki practitioner and incorporates the power of positive energy into his unique 5 E's framework for personal, business, sales and marketing success.

This interview was recorded online from both Manchester, England (UK) and Dayton, Ohio (USA) with host Jeff Hannah